Corporate Nutrition

All employee nutrition programs are designed to give you the maximum ROI and give your employees the education and tools to improve their overall physical and mental health.

EVOLUTION offers a variety of workplace nutrition programs based on your company's needs, size and budget. Below is a sampling of nutrition lectures our Registered Dietitians have presented for workplace nutrition programs in the past.

1. Top 10 Weight Loss Tips
2. Sugar / Artificial Sweeteners
3. Whole Grains / Fiber / Sodium
4. Know Your Fats
5. Fact vs. Fiction (common myths)
6. Antioxidants and Inflammation
7. The Hormones that Affect Weight Control
8. Menu Planning
9. Lowering Your Cholesterol
10. Carbohydrates / Protein / Fats; Balancing Act
11. Portion Control
12. Alcohol, Health & Weight Control

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“According to the Cornell University Institute for Health and Productivity Studies, employers can save between $300 and $450 annually per employee as a result of reduced health expenditures from an annual wellness investment of $100 to $150 per employee."