EVOLUTION Rhode Island - Nutrition Counseling by Dietitians

EVOLUTION is a group practice of Registered Dietitians offering nutrition counseling for adults, adolescents, and children. We specialize in helping patients manage their medical conditions through evidence based nutrition advice.

Our dietitians take the time to support each patient in their pursuit of healthful behaviors. Accountability and education are an important part of each patients care. We pride ourselves in offering realistic and practical guidance to promote long term lifestyle changes.

Meeting with a Dietitian for nutrition counseling may be more affordable than you think. Many insurance providers require no co-pay and allow unlimited visits for nutrition counseling by a dietitian. Make sure to check with your health insurance provider.

For those who wish to pay without going through their health insurance, we offer private pay options.

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How to make an appointment

For appointments at any of our EVOLUTION locations please call our main office at 401-396-9331 or contact us by email.

"The principles of the health at every size approach takes a person’s day to day practices as the centerpiece of consideration rather than the number on the scale. HAES assumes that the size a person is when they are doing the practices that support health is by definition their healthy weight. The number on the scale is an outcome that we can not know ahead of time. We cannot choose the number we can only choose our day to day practices and be honest about what is sustainable in our unique lives."– Dr. Deb Burgard
"Evolution nutrition has really helped me turn my life around." – Current EVOLUTION Patient