Instead of Meat

Instead of Meat  Looking for ways to eat less animal protein? If you’re not ready to jump right into plant-based protein, try some of these ideas. The following foods are a great way to add more flavor, texture, and moisture to your dish. Mushrooms. Mix in some chopped mushrooms to your meat loaf, burgers, tacos, meat balls, or lasagna. Basically, […]


Avocados  Avocados have become a popular ingredient in recipes and restaurant dishes. One reason may be due to their many health benefits. Here are some to get excited about.1. They’re high in nutritious fats. Especially monounsaturated fats, which can help to improve cholesterol.2. They’re high in fiber. A full avocado has 14 grams of fiber. Fiber digests slower and helps to keep you full […]

Common Questions RD’s Get Asked

Common Questions RD’s Get Asked  Nutrition information out there is misleading. Below are a few common questions we as dietitians are often asked. Our responses may shock you! 1. What are the top foods I should avoid eating?NO FOODS ARE BAD! Yes you should avoid a certain food if you have an allergy or medical reason. When we label […]

Registered Dietitian vs Nutritionist

Registered Dietitian vs Nutritionist  March is National Nutrition Month! There are so many different health and nutrition related practitioners. At Evolution Nutrition, we are all Registered Dietitians (RD). But what’s the difference between an RD and a nutritionist? It can be hard to know who to look to for information. Let’s lay out a few of the differences […]

What’s the Deal with Collagen?

What’s the Deal with Collagen?  There seems to be a new nutrition trend every week that promises improvement to your life. With the dieting industry being a 70-billion-dollar industry, it can be hard to believe what is based on true science. Most new trends are a ploy to get us to spend money based on our insecurities […]

Affirmations to Improve Body Image

Affirmations to Improve Body Image  Affirmations have helped many people make big changes in their lives. They are statements said with confidence about a perceived truth. Many people struggle with body image. Affirmations can be used to help improve this. Using positive affirmations to improve body image can lead to a complete shift in how you feel […]

Ways to Flavor

Ways to Improve the Flavor of Your Meals  Getting bored with the food we cook at home is a main reason we end up eating out. It can be hard to come up with new, exciting meal ideas for dinners at home. Here are some great sauces and seasonings to help make dinners at home more flavorful. Sauces   Veri Veri Teriyaki Less Sodium: Perfect sauce […]

Spread the Love

Spread the Love  Did you know that being kind to others can improve your health and well-being? Hearing about, seeing, and doing acts of kindness is linked to producing a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin, also know as the ‘love hormone,’ causes the release of a chemical called nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels. This reduces blood pressure and protects the […]

What’s the Difference Between Plant Proteins Tofu, Tempeh, and Seitan?

What’s the Difference Between Plant Proteins Tofu, Tempeh, and Seitan?  Before plant-based burgers and sausages became popular, tofu, tempeh, and seitan were the main “meaty” plant proteins that vegetarians went for. All three are good sources of protein, but are very different. Here is what you need to know about each of them.Tofu is made from soybeans that have been […]

Increasing Movement

Increasing Movement  Have a gym membership and do not use it? Work 40 plus hours and just want to go home and relax? Or are you just not a gym person? That is okay. We have to give ourselves more compassion if we can not make it to the gym or get in a workout. Here are some […]