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Menu reviews for nursing homes, group homes and assisted living facilities.  There are often federal and/or state guidelines that require a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionists to review their menus on a regular basis.  Some of our dietitians are uniquely positioned for this task as they also have culinary degrees, know what goes into menu development and how to work with your chefs.  We evaluate the menus according to the federal and/or state guidelines required and supply you with our approval and/or recommendations.  We ensure residents are being offered a varied intake that meets needs for carbohydrates, fiber, protein, fats and vitamins and minerals.  We also focus on making sure the residents are being offered adequate and balanced meals.
If your facility is in need of this service and wants to outsource it to our dietitians at Evolution Nutrition, please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch within 48 hours.

We offer professional trainings to medical providers interested in learning more about the topics of weight stigma, weight neutral care and ways to improve conversations about weight during office visits.  

We also are available for interviews on topics of weight stigma and weight neutral care for a variety of media outlets.  

Our flagship training has been developed as a collaboration between owner of Evolution Nutrition, Emily Delconte and owner of All Foods Nutrition, Shira Hirshberg.  Together Emily and Shira have a combined 25 years’ experience working with patients in 1:1 nutrition counseling.     Research has proven that weight stigma and body shame itself are risk factors for disease, possibly increasing risk more than body size alone.  We know that conversations about weight can be difficult for providers and patients, and even the most well-intentioned conversations can go awry.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen first-hand that the side effects of these well-meant conversations can be severe. The side effects our patients report to us include re-starting cycles of restrictive eating followed by binge eating, crying in the car after a medical visit, decreased self-esteem, emotional eating, body shame, and avoidance of future medical visits.      This training will provide an in-depth look at the research on dieting and weight, followed by ways to reduce weight stigma for your patients as well as practical tips for navigating conversations about weight during appointments.     This training is 60-90 minutes long and can be provided virtually to your team of healthcare providers. For availability and more details, please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch.   
Emily DelConte offers virtual supervision, case consultation and business coaching for dietitians.  Emily has been the director of Evolution Nutrition for 17 years.  In that time, she has spent most of her time in direct patient care, building the practice, and mentoring other RD’s within the practice.  She is excited to be offering support to RD’s outside of her practice.  An ideal candidate for supervision with Emily would be and RD within their first 5 years of practice or an RD looking to switch into counseling and private practice.  
Supervision sessions are 1 hour and the cost is $125.  You can email info@evolutionRD.com with more questions or book your first session here.

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