Nutrition Counseling Services

EVOLUTION offers individual nutrition counseling for adults, adolescents, and children. Our Registered Dietitians treat a variety of medical conditions, many covered by health insurance plans.

What to Expect

Nutrition counseling is done in a private office setting. Your first visit will be approximately 60-75 minutes. You can expect to review your daily eating patterns and answer some general medical questions. You will then work together with your dietitian to brainstorm specific goals for your next appointment. Typical follow up visits last approximately 30-45 minutes.

What makes us unique

  • We will collaborate with other health professionals, working together to improve patient care.
  • We foster an environment of good communication, trust, and appreciation among our team.We feel that collaboration among our dietitians is important for both our employees and patients.
  • We feel that it is important to support our staff as much as we support our patients. Throughout the year we have staff meetings, group education, company social events, and ongoing professional mentoring that allows for a collaborative and positive environment among our team.

Making Your Appointment

Please call our main office at 401-396-9331 or contact us by email to schedule an appointment at any of our EVOLUTION locations.

What to Bring

Driver’s License

Insurance Card

Doctors Referral

(if applicable)

Form of Payment

(if applicable)

Medical Conditions Treated include:

"The principles of the health at every size approach takes a person’s day to day practices as the centerpiece of consideration rather than the number on the scale. HAES assumes that the size a person is when they are doing the practices that support health is by definition their healthy weight. The number on the scale is an outcome that we can not know ahead of time. We cannot choose the number we can only choose our day to day practices and be honest about what is sustainable in our unique lives."

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