Grilling Safely

Grilling Safely Grill season is upon us! Whether you are a year-round griller or you save it for the summertime, there are a few things to keep in mind about grilling to keep you and your family safe.   Keep it clean. Before you start grilling, make sure you have clean utensils and platters. If you are […]

5 Ways to Make Smoothies More Delicious

5 Ways to Make Smoothies More Delicious  As the weather gets warmer, cold foods like smoothies can be more appealing. Though tasty, it is common to feel hungry soon after drinking one. The following are helpful tips to make smoothies more filling, nutrient dense, and delicious.1. Mix up the fruit. Try a mix of berries and half […]

Tips to Get Kids Involved in the Kitchen

Tips to Get Kids Involved in the Kitchen  Cooking is an essential skill for kids to learn as they grow up. Most schools have cut home economics classes. Finding cooking classes for kids are also a few and far in between. Here are some tips to get your kids more involved in the kitchen.1. Think in stages. Base your […]

Hunger and Fullness Guide

Hunger and Fullness Guide  Our bodies give us important information about hunger and fullness, if we listen. Being curious about what our body needs can help us to better provide the correct amount and type of food.  Many of us look for external validation of what type and amount of food are best for us. Usually this information is provided by the latest […]

Virtual 4Ks

Virtual 5Ks  Recent public health concerns related to COVID-19 has caused many of us to feel stuck at home and stressed. Events have been canceled, plans have been postponed, worry about the safety of loved ones has filled our minds. Getting some movement in can help reduce anxiety and boost feel-good hormones. Whether you are a […]

6 Pantry Staples for Quick Nutritious Meals

6 Pantry Staples for Quick Nutritious Meals  It goes without saying that cooking will look different during these unusual times. With all that is uncertain, having a stocked pantry can come in handy. Here are some shelf stable foods that are great for putting together easy meals in 20 minutes or less.Canned beans. They are a great source of […]

Taking Care of Yourself During a Pandemic

Taking Care of Yourself During a Pandemic   It has been a crazy couple of weeks and we hope everyone is staying safe. We are in uncharted territory. And because we have never be through this before, it is important to remember that there is no correct reaction.  Here are some great grounding exercises recommended by Erica Leon, MS, RDN, CDN, CEDRD, Registered […]

No Sad Salads

No Sad Salads  When you think about salads, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe its plain lettuce with a couple shredded carrots and sliced cucumbers. Let’s spice up these lonely vegetables with some other fun, filling, and flavorful foods. Here are some yummy ideas to add to your salads. Dressing. This a way to completely change […]

Instead of Meat

Instead of Meat  Looking for ways to eat less animal protein? If you’re not ready to jump right into plant-based protein, try some of these ideas. The following foods are a great way to add more flavor, texture, and moisture to your dish. Mushrooms. Mix in some chopped mushrooms to your meat loaf, burgers, tacos, meat balls, or lasagna. Basically, […]


Avocados  Avocados have become a popular ingredient in recipes and restaurant dishes. One reason may be due to their many health benefits. Here are some to get excited about.1. They’re high in nutritious fats. Especially monounsaturated fats, which can help to improve cholesterol.2. They’re high in fiber. A full avocado has 14 grams of fiber. Fiber digests slower and helps to keep you full […]